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Beim Schlafgehen - Katya Roemer
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Ne poy krasavitsa pri mne - Katya Roemer
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Peel Me a Grape (demo) - Katya Roemer
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La Mort de Cléopatre (excerpt) - Katya Roemer
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Tenderly - Katya Roemer
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So In Love - Katya Roemer
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A HAND OF BRIDGE | Geraldine

“Soprano Katya Roemer was a standout as Geraldine whose placid exterior masks nothing less than a profound inner monologue on life, love and mortality.”  A Hand of Bridge ... beautifully sung.”

- Georgia Rowe, Contra Costa Times


VANESSA | Vanessa

"Katya Roemer is an artist to watch.  She is elegant on stage, in every way.  Her mature voice is capable of handling the coloratura of the Skating Aria and the lyricism of the love duet."

- Paul Stevenson, Opera Guide

"... a strong, dramatic soprano capable of negotiating the flexible lines, dominating the opera's opening scene.  She was also a sympathetic actress, achieving the complexities of this bittersweet, repressed, vaguely aging woman."

- Charles Shere, Oakland Tribune


RARE AREA | Soprano role

"Brilliant singing by Duykers and Roemer ... Both also acquit themselves admirably as actors."

- Winifred Mann, The Potrero View



"An appealing and richly musical Marenka."

- Marilyn Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle


"... a warm, tender, loving performance.  Attractive physically and delicate in manner, she was most convincing as the innocent lover.  She maintained a precise, smooth line throughout."

- Robert A. Masullo, The Sacramento Bee


TOSCA | Tosca

"[Roemer] looks very much at home on the stage ... She sings beautifully.  Her sense of interpretation and characterization is excellent ... It's a definite gift - and she has it."

- Giorgio Tozzi, KUOP Radio (Interview) Stockton,  California


"... a big, beautifully centered, warm soprano voice completely equal to a role often called a voice shredder."

- Dianne Runion, The Stockton Record

LUISA MILLER | Luisa Miller

"The commendable cast of singers was led by Katya Roemer, in good and musical command of the title role ... Roemer has a clear, well-produced soprano voice."

- Robert Commanday, San Francisco Chronicle


"As Luisa, Katya Roemer builds marvelously through the first act to achieve real distinction in the second and third ... her voice is true, nicely modeled and consistently produced."

- Charles Shere, Oakland Tribune



"Roemer has a lovely voice, clear and well-focused.  Her letter aria was a definite highlight."

- Janice Riese, San Mateo Times


"Roemer manages to convey through both voice and bearing Tatiana's inner strength and nobility of character."

- Cynthia Hall, The Palo Alto Weekly



“Katya Roemer was vocally exceptional.”

- Norman Lombino, The San Francisco Times Tribune


BRAHMS | Ein deutsches Requiem

“... the soprano line lofted finely by Katya Roemer...

Robert P. Commanday,  The San Francisco Classical Voice


VERDI | Requiem

"... an alluring sound and fine sense of phrase and line ..."

Scott MacClelland, The Prelude


"Katya Roemer ... shone with brilliance ... An exalted rendering of Verdi's Requiem Mass.

Philip Collins, Santa Cruz Sentinel


MOZART | Exsultate, Jubilate

"Roemer's voice has a rich fullness and depth ..."

Larry Warkentin, Fresno Bee


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