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Katya Roemer Voice Studio


Where motivated singers with a commitment to their craft refine and hone their vocal technique and interpretive performance skills
Lessons for intermediate to advanced/professional singers
With over 30 years of teaching and professional singing experience,
I can help you achieve your personal singing goals.
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Improve lyric diction in French, German, Italian, English, and Spanish
Perform in workshops, recitals, and competitions
Expand your range and enhance your resonance and focus
Sing with greater beauty, ease,
confidence, and expression
Increase breath control, attain smooth vocal registration, and correct any pitch problems
Refine musical style and dramatic interpretations while working in opera, art song, musical theatre, jazz, and/or pop
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I believe every voice is a unique gem. With the correct training and polishing we bring out its shimmering radiance and enhance the true beauty of your voice. Whether you are an intermediate, advanced, or professional singer, I can help you realize your singing goals.  It’s never too late to see where your voice will take you if you are passionate about singing.

Based on the Italian "bel canto" tradition and encompassing the knowledge and expertise gained by 30 plus years of study, teaching and performing a wide variety of repertoire, styles and languages. Achieve clear vowel production, efficient breath management and body alignment to find the natural power, color, nuance and resonance of your voice. Through specific and targeted exercises I can help you achieve a vibrant, balanced and even tone throughout your registers. Together we will choose music you enjoy singing which will also challenge and assist your vocal growth. Musical and dramatic coaching are also provided.
Gain valuable experience and build your performance practice, interpretive and acting skills in workshops and recitals singing for an audience of friends, family and fellow students. You will be notified of and encouraged to participate in the NATS singing festivals as well as concerts, recitals, musical theater, opera auditions and scholarship competitions appropriate to your skill level. 
Many of my students have taken first place in the SFBAC NATS bi-annual student auditions in musical theater and classical divisions.  Studio members sing solo roles and in ensemble with area opera companies including Opera San Jose, Lyric Theater, Pocket Opera and West Bay Opera as well as in concert with various orchestras, the SF Symphony Chorus and chamber ensembles.
In addition to instruction in my private studio, I have taught individual and class voice at Diablo Valley College, College Preparatory School, the Alameda School of Music, Oakland School for the Arts and Piedmont Children's Choir.
My professional singing credits include leading roles in opera, concert and musical theater in the United States, Italy and Spain.  Representative companies include Barcelona,  Sacramento, West Bay, Stockton, Berkeley and Solo Opera Companies as well as San Francisco Opera Chorus. Concert venues include Sacramento and Oakland East Bay Symphonies, Cantare Chorale, Diablo Valley Masterworks Chorale, San Francisco City Chorus, Operatic Concerts in Trevi and Spoleto, Italy and many others.
Bachelor of Music - Indiana University
Master of Music- University of Texas
Wesley Balk Music Theater Institute
ACT Improvisation classes
Vocal Pedagogy - Holy Names College
National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)
The Bay Area Professional Singers’ Forum
Bay Area Singers Presents

Are you are an intermediate to advanced avocational or professional track singer who is focused, self motivated and committed to your singing

but are in need of excellent technical support to move to that next level? 

If this describes you, I invite you to apply for the studio.


"I wanted to have a fuller and more colorful voice.  Katya immediately understood my needs.  She helped me draw parallels between my speaking voice and my singing voice, and worked with me on techniques to improve the quality of my tones.  After only 2 lessons, I was already noticing richer and more resonant tones in my singing. I also want to thank Katya for helping me 'break out of the mold', and helping me develop my full potential as a singer."
- Philip H.
"Katya was great from the beginning, improving my voice and range. In addition, she helped me understand through lessons on posture and breathing techniques how posture affects the vocal quality, which has always been a weakness in my singing. She is one of the few teachers who I have met who focus on these aspects as well, and it is such a useful concept to take into account. Even my relatives who have heard me sing before said that something has clearly changed in my voice and my attitude in singing, and I owe that to Katya."
-Esha R.
"Katya has helped me make great strides in developing a functional approach to breath support, singing with the appropriate weight for my voice type, and eliminating tongue tension.  As a result, I've been more competitive at auditions and have been getting cast in more roles by more companies."
- Kathryn B.
"[Katya] is among the top tier of vocal instructors available to us on the West Coast.     She has an intuitive grasp on how to produce fuller, natural and more robust tonalities for any style of music you are interested in. I can see why her other students routinely sweep recital awards, competitions and auditions."
-Chris G.
"Katya is a very sensitive and encouraging teacher who spent a lot of time making sure that I had as many resources as possible to get my singing voice back in shape. I really appreciate her detailed attention and her willingness to connect me to her vast network of other helpful coaches, accompanists, teachers and choirs. I also appreciate how Katya is constantly working on herself and lets her students witness her own growth, whether it is immediately applying something she learned in a workshop or letting her students come to her own coaching sessions. As a voice teacher myself, I am constantly learning and improving thanks to Katya's thoughtful and incisive attention."
-Masumi H.

Invitation into The Voice Studio is by application only. 

Please click the button below to fill out the application.

Thank you for your interest!

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