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Katya Roemer is an acclaimed and versatile artist who has performed extensively as a soloist in opera, operetta, concert, and musical theater.  Widely praised for her musical command, strong yet warm soprano voice, and excellent sense of interpretation and characterization, Katya’s varied repertoire includes baroque to contemporary works and portrayals ranging from elegant to comical. Hers is a voice ideal for the agility and flexibility of Verdi, the generous melodies of Strauss, and the rich tones and mysterious complexity of the Slavic repertoire.


As an artist, Katya seeks to convey a character’s sense of thought, feeling, and voice in a way that elicits an emotional response; through her performance, audience members become immersed in an encounter that’s relatable. To Katya, these experiences are more than just listening to beautiful music – they are opportunities for performer and audience alike to connect to a deeper sense of themselves and others.

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